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Step aside boys, there's a new cowgirl in town, a cowgirl full of volume cluster eyelashes that is! The cowgirl bring you 15mm of sassy length and a jaw dropping D curl in a dolleye cluster eyelashes lash map. These volume at-home eyelash extensions have four light weight individual lashes clusters and are very light weight cluster eyelashes. Cowgirl stays as one of our best selling lash and the most talked about Cowgirl in the Aera community! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brooklyn L.
My absolute faves

I love how these lashes look on my eye shape and honestly don’t know if I can part with them to try on another style! I love how long they last. These cowgirls lasted through 3 days of Disneyland without budging… I’ve had so many compliments on my lashes and so many people ask where I get them done!!

My First Loves ❤️

The dollys were my introduction to diy lash extensions and MY GOODNESS they’re gorgeous. The last strips on each segment are so thin you can’t even feel them when they’re on, and my eyes are extremely sensitive to most glues/ strip lashes. Perfect for an everyday lash and I can honestly walk out of the house with zero makeup and still feel great.

Kayleigh S.
My everyday lashes! My main pick!

I used to wear fake eyelashes all the time! I loved it but the environments I work in made my eyelashes curl up and stay on for less time than hoped for… on top of that, it would take me 30 minutes or so to put on with never a consistent look….. that was the worst part. I spent so long for something that didn’t look good and didn’t last long. Later I found winked and fell in love bc these look similar to my falsies I used to use but are 12x better!!!! Takes me MAYBE 15 minutes to put on and last me anytime from 5-10 days. Small expense, BIG REWARD. So glad to have found something that makes me feel pretty all the time, lasts long, and is so easy to use!