DIY Lash Extensions Remover

How to remove diy at home eyelash extensions

So you finally joined the at home eyelash extensions gang, welcome girl we've been waiting for you! To say aera lashes are addicting would be an understatement, so welcome to your newest makeup addiction. Getting your at home eyelash extensions on for the first time can be tricky (and if you are at the step girl head over to our socials @aeralashes and watch our application videos or message us, we want to make sure you have the most seamless application process!) but now you are like ok how do I get these bad boys off? We got you here also.

We have perfected the most perfect diy eyelash extensions remover to give you a quick removal process. Apply the remover (we also have videos of this on our socials as well @aeralashes) on the top of your diy lash clusters and brush down like you are applying mascara the opposite way (mascara we don't know her here..) and let the oil sit for 3-5 minutes, while you let it sit its going to start breaking up the beautiful bond and friendship your natural lashes and diy eyelashes have made over the last ten days. Once the five minutes is up gently take a cloth and wipe down your lashes, if they don't come off apply a little more remover and let it sit for a few minutes longer. 

Once all your diy eyelash clusters have been removed grab your eyelash cleanser and wash those natural lashes, now it's time to head over to your vanity and pick your next set you will be wearing for the next ten days. 

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