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Aera Lashes



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The unbothered era has entered the group chat ladies, and she is fierce. Our most dainty natural lashes style coming in at 10mm of length and a subtle C curl of false natural lashes. A perfect everyday lash for those that want to slightly elevate their look without too much volume and land on the right amount of natural eyelashes. Coming in four DIY lash extension segments, Unbothered gives just a slight increase of lash on your natural lashes. Her dainty lash clusters are extremely light weight and will give the perfect look to those looking for an affordable diy lash extensions summer!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This is my first time buying aera lashes. I’m one day in so far, and I’m loving them. They are perfect! Took me a little bit to actually figure it out, but I’m thrilled to be saving money and my lashes still look amazing!

Ruthie Lumbardo
Best starter lashes!!

These were the tip of the iceberg for me. I figured they weren’t “too crazy” and I would try them and Omgosh I’m hooked. They are perfect to elevate your look, every day lashes, not over the top but still noticeably hot. That said, buyer beware!! These are gateway lashes!!! You will love them so much you will want to try all the rest too!! Totally not speaking from experience *cough cough* But seriously these ones are fabulous!

Dana Sandrik

This was my first Aera purchase and I’m so obsessed. I used Flutter lash a few times and took them off right after they were difficult to apply and felt heavy. These lashes were light weight and beautiful. Application was so simple and the glue is so easy to apply.. AND my lashes stayed strong even after a trip to Disney!

Stephanie Ramirez

These are my new favorite lash! Easy to apply and they look amazing. I have gotten so many compliments.

Kianna Johnson
Good everyday

These were my first ever time trying diy lashes and i messed the first try up but after i did a facetime with Lindsey and got help on the application process it was easier than i thought. I took them off at day 7 for a new set. I will go for more volume next time but this is a good beginner or everyday set