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She's an icon and she is the moment. Wildflower is a girl full of flirt, curl and a whole lot of wispy lash clusters. She brings you 15mm of individual lashes and a beautiful bold C curl. Wildflower is a mega volume lash with four wispy lash clusters, the perfect lash for a night out on the town! Her hybrid lash fibers make a unique lash look and is literally SUCH A VIBE! (and we love that for you) If are looking for wispy lash clusters for your new diy lash extensions routine Wildflower is your girl, we Aera is your new fav lash dealer. 

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda Russo
My favorite lash!

My favorite lash! It’s my go to lash for everyday and night.




LOVE these. They are a bit much for daily use in my life but they are perfect for a long weekend in vegas

Jessica Atkinson

Favorite lashes by far!

Kayleigh S.
Second fave set!

My last review was for the Dollys and I share more about my experience with lashes. But in short. I love the wildflowers and the dollys! If you’re wanting volume or fluffiness + curl. THESE ARE IT. Dollys are a bit more dramatic, less fluffy, more curl! But wildflower is the perfect in between of a more calmed down fluffy dramatic. I love these so much!!! And 1000% recommend. If you’re worried at all that they might be too big I’d get one of the smaller curls so that you’re happier with your purchase. For me these matches my eyes so great and I loved it!!!