Affordable diy lash extensions

Affordable diy lash extensions

We get it permanent lash extensions are EXPENSIVE! Not to mention time consuming, as a mama of three I just do not have the time for my lash extension appointments anymore, [insert self - applied lash extensions] I know what you are thinking, you don't to apply at-home lash extensions everyday, what a time consuming task!!


[insert aera lashes] Aera's diy eyelash extensions not only give you 10 days of at-home lash extensions, BUT they are extremely light weight lashes! Our affordable diy lash extensions are only $8 a week, you heard that right! 

I know what you are thinking though, can i do eyelash extensions at home? Aren't self applied lash extensions hard? Are those do it yourself lash extensions really worth the hype? [spoiler alert, all the answers are HECK YES YOU CAN]

At-home lash extensions can be tricky for beginners we wont fib, BUT we have diy eyelash application tutorials across all of our socials, offer personal one on one application help AND will even jump on a facetime call with you for the perfect at-home lash extensions application!


So, are those diy eyelash extensions actually affordable? For just $8 a week, id say so! So what are you waiting for, jump on the at home eyelash extensions train and find your AERA at Aera DIY eyelash extensions. 

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