Eyelash Extensions At Home - What's all the hype about?

Eyelash Extensions At Home - What's all the hype about?

We know, those darn DIY Eyelash Extensions are covering your FYP, so whats the big deal?? 

Self Applied Lash Extensions take the time of sitting in your lash techs chair away and puts the power in your own hands with the ability to do your lash extensions yourself!

Money saving? CHECK! Aera's diy eyelash extensions are only $8.00 a week and last 10 days with our viral DIY lash adhesive. We have three options, our OG black eyelash glue. Our brunette diy eyelashs bestie the Clear eyelash glue and our extra hold mascara brushes adhesive

Aera brings you over 10 different lash styles ranging from wispy at-home lash extensions, to mega volume all the way to our summer favorite brown diy eyelashes! 

Aera's at-home lash extensions are waterproof [perrrrf for the summer fun with the kids!] our diy eyelash glue is hypoallergenic, latex free and vegan! And our lightweight individual lash clusters allow you to wake up ready everyday without trying.

So yeah, they are worth the hype. Find out why Aera is everyones favorite lash dealer with 10% off using code DEAL at checkout! 

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