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Aera Lashes

Miss Aesthetic

Miss Aesthetic

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Embark on your journey to a refined, natural aesthetic with Miss Aesthetic brown diy lash extensions, the premium choice for those embracing a minimalist beauty philosophy. Aera Lashes introduces the ultimate Brown DIY Lash Extensions designed to accentuate your innate allure without overpowering it.

These 13mm brown diy lash extensions are ideal for daily wear, providing a subtle yet significant boost to your eyes with a soft C-D curl. The Miss Aesthetic lashes ensure effortless elegance that fits perfectly into your everyday routine. Embrace your aesthetic girl era with the charm and sophistication of these handcrafted brunette DIY at-home eyelash extensions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brooke Bertone

These are the freaking best. I have NEVER been a lash extension girly but now that I’m a mom, one less step in my morning routine is so helpful! I got miss aesthetic! They are brown and on the subtle side. + I didn’t know it came with THREE sets😂 so they will last you forever if you are gentle and take good care of them.

Hailey Smith
Very Chic

These lashes just take your look to the next level. They are brown but totally look more natural and very chic. I absolutely love these lashes!

THE best

After trying other brands, I can confidently say that these hold like no other! Beautifully full yet subtle and feathery- not to mention the brunette color😍can’t wait for a restock

Whittney G
Natural look!

Loved how these lashes provided a full look but did not overpower my eyes! I was still able to wear these under my glasses & I got so many compliments on hos good my eyes looked.
I was skeptical about the brown at first but, I think that's my new go to for falsies!

Peyton Ward

I will be ordering these again. I love how simple and classic they are